How to Play

How to get the most from Not An Escape Room

When you purchase one of our rooms, you will receive a link, both available to click at the checkout, and sent via email, which will allow you to access the room as many times as you wish.

There are no set rules, but there are ways to play this that make it fun for everyone, and I’ve laid some of those ways out below, Here are some ways we recommend:

In Person:

Gathered round the screen, working as a team to answer the questions in person and sharing thoughts and ideas. We recommend paper and pencils to help you keep everything straight, and save the photos and send to someone to have on hand in case you need to reference them (You will!). You can use Google as much as you wish if it helps (Sometimes it’s needed!)

Over Video Chat:

This was the way we initially had in mind when we first had this idea. This works best with a video conferencing client that can handle screen sharing. We’ve used Zoom and Webex, and Zoom seems to be a very popular option! One person buys a room, shares their screen with the group on the call and together you work through it, from anywhere in the world! Share the pictures to a group chat so everyone can answer! Again, using Google is recommended and necessary at certain parts! We don’t just keep everything within the page!

Is there a timer?

There is not a timer built in to our escape rooms. At the beginning of the room, we let you know when to start your own stopwatch, but ultimately, it’s down to you if you even want a timer! If you think you’ve broken records with your time, share them with us! (@notanescaperoom)

Some Etiquette Tips!

  1. Let everyone take part. You may be quick at answering every single puzzle answer and making connections, but sometimes you make more of a connection with your team when you sit back and let other members put two and two together.
  2. If you think a picture in a room is relevant for later, make sure everyone gets a copy, by having it visible to everyone, or sharing it into a group chat of players. It keeps everyone involved, and gives everyone a chance to see connections and solve clues.
  3. If you’re sharing your screen with everyone, you’re effectively the host, and it’s good practice to make sure everyone gets involved. Ask questions to the quieter players, and don’t steamroll ahead, get a group consensus before making decisions. We think that’s the best way to play with others!
  4. Have fun! Our aim is to make you frustrated at us at certain points, and punching the air at other points! Share your times and funny moments with us through Facebook and Instagram (@notanescaperoom), we’d love to see them!